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ITP News April 2014
ABAP is a powerful language for building sophisticated applications. But as any developer is understands, even the most carefully written and tested objects can wind up terminating with incorrect results.
ITP News March 2014
Generational differences have always influenced the workplace. There?s nothing new there. But with Millennials running rampant across corporate America, that influence is creeping into our private spaces. Into our homes. Into our bedrooms.
ITP News February 2014
SAP Enhancement Package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0 contains more than 750 business functions. The key new features are SAP Fiori, MRP runs, and data aging objects.
ITP News January 2014
If you think software is getting more expensive, you're right. Not only that, it's getting harder to even find the price hikes, so you can avoid them or know it's time to switch to another vendor's software.
ITP News December 2013
There are now more ways for employees to communicate than ever before. Between e-mail, phones, text and IM's, social networks and even the occasional face-to-face there is rarely a situation when a colleague is truly impossible to reach.
ITP News November 2013
Setting up authorizations, managing files, and using Excel or SharePoint data to perform business intelligence analyses. More in our apps of the month.
ITP News October 2013
The Hipmunk travel app by Hipmunk is designed for mobile iOS devices, and is currently one of the best-rated apps. As many users testify, it finds a large number of bargains, making it ideal for booking last-minute trips.
ITP News September 2013
Every day, people send 150 billion new email messages. The number of mobile devices already exceeds the world's population and is growing. With every keystroke and click, we are creating new data at a blistering pace. Enter Apache Hadoop.
ITP News August 2013
User interface/user experience makeovers are all the rage in the ERP space. SAP is using a Pareto approach and a couple of new tools to redefine, simplify and beautify the user experience for its customers.
ITP News July 2013
SAP has rebranded SAP Visual Intelligence to SAP Lumira and along with that released a complimentary cloud service called SAP Lumira Cloud. Last week the SAP Lumira Cloud was officially launched and is now available to all
ITP News June 2013
In April, Oregon state legislators were pursuing a bill that could someday bring treadmill desks to state offices. If passed, the bill would initiate a two-year pilot program to test the ?walking workstations.
ITP News May 2013
SAP Announces New Development Training for SAP HANA Platform as Massive Open Online Course
ITP News April 2013
With this month?s roundup of helpful mobile apps, you?ll be able to brush up on your knowledge of SAP applications, hold a Web conference with a colleague, and share files in the cloud....
ITP News March 2013
While customers have long been able to modify SAP screens to improve end-user efficiency, this process has traditionally required advanced programming skills. SAP Screen Personas now allows personalization without programming.
ITP News February 2013
SAP AG (SAP) unveiled the biggest overhaul to its mainstay enterprise software in two decades, in a move to cement its dominance in that market, while in parallel, springing an attack on Oracle Corp.?s database business.
ITP News Janurary 2013
It wasn't long ago that a company's competitive advantage was based on its data. The more information it could gather, the more successful it could become. But today, small businesses as well as large corporations are drowning in data.
ITP News December 2012
Santa's Supply Chain: Best in the World?
ITP News November 2012
Accenture is Leader in the Worldwide Implementation of SAP Solutions, Says IDC MarketScape Report
ITP News October 2012
Like it or not, the amount of information an organization will deal with only ever increases. This has led to the concept of "Big Data",
ITP News September 2012
Big data is probably the most talked-about topic in IT right now. Studies reveal that companies making data-driven decisions show higher productivity gains than other factors can explain.
ITP News August 2012
It used to be (in a time before some of us can remember) that the computer we had at work, was the one we wished we had at home. In many cases today, the reverse is true.
ITP News July 2012
Don't think of SAP as just an ERP or CRM vendor. It's bringing together two technologies of the future, today.
ITP News June 2012
There's An App for That: SAP Introduces 70 Mobile Apps for Anytime, Anywhere.....
ITP News May 2012
SAP Public Services Urges Congress to Adopt Innovative Solutions to Address the Nation?s Biggest IT Challenges, Save Taxpayer Dollars
ITP News April 2012
SAP has announced its plan to acquire Syclo, a SAP partner and a leading provider of enterprise mobile applications and technologies, for an undisclosed sum.
ITP News March 2012
SAP AG says it intends to become a major provider of database software in a move that would heat up its long-running rivalry with Oracle Corp, led by Silicon Valley billionaire Larry Ellison.
ITP News February 2012
Skunk Works Project: is one typically developed by a small and loosely structured group of people who research and develop a project primarily for the sake of radical innovation.
ITP News Janurary 2012
Mobile first means that when thinking about business intelligence (BI) or analytic tools or clients, the first design process is not for a PC.
ITP News December 2011
SAP and Google are aligning by integrating Google Apps with SAP Business By Design. In addition, the two companies will work to foster a developer community through Google App Engine and the Android operating system.
ITP News November 2011
Software as a Service (SaaS) has been around longer than the cool new "cloud." SaaS is simply the delivery of software applications over the Internet from a server that's hosted by the SaaS provider somewhere far away.
ITP News October 2011
The time for enterprise mobility is now. According to IDC, by 2013, more than 1.19 billion workers worldwide will be using mobile technology, accounting for 34.9% of the workforce
ITP News September 2011
SAP?s Solution Manager has been SAP?s key weapon for tackling costly upgrades, keeping the SAP edifice afloat and under control. It?s also designed to be a value contributor justifying current maintenance fee levels.
ITP News August 2011
Enterprise computing is once again going through an important change: as memory chips get cheaper, more are being packed into servers.
ITP News July 2011
In this issue we will look at building a business case for SAP BI (Business Intelligence).
ITP News June 2011
In this issue we will look at building a business case for SAP Data Archiving.
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